Kostic Type Foundry

Lapidary Capitals

Regular Bold

Based on Roman lapidary writing from 2nd century BC.

Designed by Zoran Kostić

01 Specimen

Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz. Regular

“Who takin’ the ebonics quiz?”, the prof jovially axed. Bold

Of all the things in this world that man has invented, nothing can compare to the alphabet. To be able to send to a friend or acquaintance, far away somewhere in the wide world, one’s thoughts on a piece of paper: to be able to read what others wrote two thousand years ago and to be able to write something that others will be able to read several thousand years later; that is a science almost transcending the bounds of the human mind, and one can say that whoever first invented it, was more God than man. The alphabet has opened the road to the human mind, enabling it to approach God to the limits of its possibilities. It was invented some four thousand years ago, and after its difficult and strange development it has become so easy that today there is no easier skill, and has spread so much in the world that at present in Europe there are peoples among whom there is no one who cannot read and write.




Libros Naturalis Historiae, novicium Camenis Quiritium tuorum opus Light


Volebat existimari a Veraniolis suis et Fabullis Regular

Natos apud me proxima fetura Black

Cicero mutuandum, praesertim cum de republica scriberet Light

02 Language support

  • Basic Latin/English letters
  • West European diacritics
  • Cyrillic





03 Buying options

$30 Complete family

Lapidary Capitals


$20 Singles

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