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Taurunum Ferrum

Iron Steel

Taurunum Ferrum is a version of the Taurunum family, aimed to give out the impression of being cast in iron or cut out of steel plates. It is meant to be used in a bold display setting, where a raw and strong look is a priority. The Iron style has a medieval (blackletter) flavor, while Steel has more of a contemporary look. Taurunum Ferrum has a character set to support Western and Central European languages.

Designed by Nikola Kostić

01 Specimen

Six big devils from Japan quickly forgot how to waltz. Iron

“Who takin’ the ebonics quiz?”, the prof jovially axed. Steel

Centurion Regular

aufklärungspanzer panther Light

Tamada Yoshio Thin (Small caps)


Sharpshooter Bold

Reino Lehväslaiho Light

Königstiger Light

02 Language support

  • Basic Latin/English letters
  • West European diacritics
  • Central Europe
  • Baltic
  • Turkish
  • Romanian





04 Buying options

$60 Complete family

Taurunum Ferrum


$40 Singles

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